Upcoming Projects & Summer Research:

So i find it hard to balance the amount of work that I find interesting with the amount of time I actually can put into thorough and well done work. In this post I’ll be formalizing a few topics and areas of independent research I hope to make progress on this summer for two purposes:
1) to get myself to sit down and make a well-defined structure for research topics in areas of research I see as having high returns
2) to share my desires to do this work in a public format, with the hope that I’ll be stricter with my time management to follow through on the work and to  be able connect with people outside of my social circle doing similar work.

Summer Research:  
I got accepted into University of Maryland’s CS department’s Combinatorial Algorithms Applied Research for undergraduates program. I’m working on the project involving modeling pricing functions over social networks with Dr. Hajiaghayi and another student. Which hopefully will allow me to apply some of the principles I learned in game theory last semester. That starts at the beginning of June and I haven’t taken a pure algorithms class before, so in the few weeks after the semester ends I’ll be working through the majority of Dr. Roughgarden’s Coursera course, using the obvious textbook to accompany.

Independent Research: 
A friend also has been curious regarding the more specific details of Bayesian methodology to statistics and I’ve had this notebook sitting around unread for a year or two, so prior to me leaving to Las Vegas -> Maryland, we’re going to work through a few chapters and examples using PyMC. I plan on putting our work and implementations on github so the work will be extendable.

*I plan on fleshing out more of my projects here in the future. Stuff related to: AGI takeoff scenarios, the state space of qualia, generalized wada tests (total order of consciousness), negative utilitarianism, the dimensions of drug effect space, and on a less riveting topic I’ve also been thinking of making decision trees/random forests which instead of just using the Fischer Discriminant projection, they do a nonlinear projection, I want someone else to help with this work and I think it will be publishable*

Summer Book List:
Speciesism: Why it is Wrong and the Implications of Rejecting it 
-The Effective Altruism Handbook
– Rationality: From AI to Zombies
– The Wave Function: Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics
– Quantum Computing Since Democritus
– I Am You: The Metaphysical Foundations for Global Ethics