This is not another rationality/transhumanist/effective altruism/philosophy blog.

Alright I’m kidding, its all of them in one.

So I don’t plan on summarizing The Sequences or just spamming the same transhumanist memes that most people in these online communities are already familiar with. Rather I plan on synthesizing lots of topics which are often discussed disparately and hopefully contribute original insights as well.

My plan for content on here is to make synthesis posts, summarizing articles, monthly links, and hopefully creating a semi-active medium in which my thoughts won’t fade immediately in the case of an untimely passing.

Another value I foresee in writing publicly (as opposed to Facebook where I have found it harder to not fall into local maximum in the breadth of ideas considered) is to have an audience which will be able present flaws in my logic or give me material that I haven’t read on similar topics. My hope is to currently be wrong from the perspective of my future selves or at least have the same views but with more knowledge of why.

I’m also very new at the website/blogger etiquette & culture so I expect to learn quite a deal about all of that shortly.

Anyways hope you all enjoy and engage!

*if you have any advice regarding website setup/management/content please send it my way! *


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